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RIE2000 Reactive Ion Etcher

The RIE 2000/3000 Reactive Ion Etcher is specifically designed for anisotropic etching of microelectronic devices. This R&D sized instrument is designed to simulate the operation of larger production instruments in process development and pilot production applications. The RIE 2000/3000 is a turbo pumped system capable of reaching a base pressure of less than 10-6 torr. This low base pressure provides a clean etch environment and highly anisotropic etch without undercutting by eliminating residual species within the chamber prior to starting the etch process. The RIE-2000 model include as standard a two channel precision needle valve gas control and separate vent to atmosphere line. In replacement of the needle valve set up, the RIE-2000 can be equipped with up to two mass flow controller channels for accurate ratio of two species. The RIE-3000 can be equipped with up to five mass flow controller channels and in this case, the MFC controls are mounted into a stand alone cabinet connected to the main system. The RIE-3000 can ratio four process gas species to one species, if needed, or control the flows of each species independently. The rotational speed of the turbo pump can be controlled in order to set a precise pressure with the set mass flows.
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Model RIE2000 and RIE3000 - Reactive Ion Etcher
Includes everything necessary to operate
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Included Parts Model RIE2000/3000
200 watt RF Generator and manual matching network
Dual digital readout of forward and reflected power
Dual gas controls - (only on RIE2000)
Separate vent control
Stainless Steel Chamber
DC bias meter display
Digital termination timer
6” water cooled sample stage
Turbo pump
Corrosive series rotary vane roughing pump
Capacitance manometer
Stainless steel gas distribution ring
Instruction manual
Quad Channel Power Supply/Readout (only on RIE3000)
Mass Flow Controller (only on RIE3000)
1 -year warranty.
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RIE 2000 and 3000 - Accessories Model # Price Enter
Quartz Chamber, 8" OD x 5" high RIE2000-001 Qty.
RF Shield for Quartz Chamber RIE2000-002 Qty.
Stainless Steel Chamber with Viewport RIE2000-003 Click here for cost
Oil free Diaphragm Pump to Back Turbo Pump (in place of rotary vane pump) RIE2000-004 Click here for cost
One Mass Flow Controller with Single Channel Power Supply/Readout RIE2000-005 Qty.
Two Mass Flow Controllers with Quad Channel Power Supply/Readout RIE2000-006 Qty.
Cold Cathode Gauge for accurate reading of base pressure (requires stainless steel chamber RIE2000-003) RIE2000-008 Qty.
Mass Flow Controller 0550-014 Qty.
Single Channel Power Supply/Readout 0550-020 Qty.
Quad Channel Power Supply/Readout 0550-010 Qty.
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