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910 Metallurgical Grinder Polisher

The Model 910 is the first in a new generation of multi-purpose lapping machines designed for accurately lapping and polishing a wide range of materials. The 910 can be used as a standard metallurgical grinder/polisher utilizing abrasive papers, abrasive films, diamond discs, polishing cloths, etc. Or it can be used as a high precision free abrasive lapping machine for flat polishing of optical and semiconductor materials. When used as a free abrasive lapping machine, the 910 can accommodate most SBT Lapping Fixtures for precise sample orientation and maximum flatness. The precision fixtures and the self-truing lap ensure samples of the highest quality. In addition to flat lapping, SBT offers 2 fixtures for polishing oriented crystals. The crystals can be oriented and subsequently polished while maintaining their orientation.
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Model 910 Lapping and Polishing Machine (0-500 rpm)
(Includes everything necessary to operate)

Included Parts for Model 910 Part#
Includes water and slurry delivery system  
Aluminum lapping plate (includes 0537-047 o-ring for metal holding band) Model LP920A
Metal holding band (for holding abrasive papers and polishing cloth) 01-02257-01
Glass plate 0705-012
Dust cover 02-02135-01
Hex wrench set  
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  Metal holding band (for holding abrasive papers and polishing cloth) 01-02257-01 50.00 Qty.
  Manual yoke, left side (includes post: P/N: 02-02261-01) Model
625.00 Qty.
  Manual yoke, right side (includes post: P/N: 02-02262-01) Model
675.00 Qty.
  Tri-holder specimen mount (for metallographic mounts up to 38mm diameter) Model
975.00 Qty.
Specimen Mount Quad-holder specimen mount (for metallographic mounts 25-32mm diameter) Model
1,075.00 Qty.
Model 92031 Lapping plate flatness measuring kit
(Includes: 2"x9" granite leveling plate 01-04331-01 and 8" flatness gauge (02-02134-01)
1,500.00 Qty.
  Granite Leveling Plate (2"x9") 01-04331-01 248.00 Qty.
  Granite Leveling Plate (9"x12") 01-04330-01 375.00 Qty.
  Flatness Guage, 8" 02-02134-01 1,500.00 Qty.
  Flatness Guage, 12" 02-02134-02 1,600.00 Qty.
  Lapping Plates      
LP920A Aluminum Aluminum Lapping Plate, 8" diameter Model
495.00 Qty.
  Cast Iron Lapping Plate, 8" diameter Model
595.00 Qty.
LP920MC Cast Iron Cast Iron Lapping Plate, Concentric Grooves, 8" diameter Model
695.00 Qty.
  Cast Iron Lapping Plate, Spiral Grooves, 8" diameter Model
695.00 Qty.
  Cast Iron Lapping Plate, Radial Grooves, 8" diameter
Model LP920MR
695.00 Qty.
  Cast Iron Conditioning Ring (for use with Cast Iron lapping plates only) Model
450.00 Qty.
LP920C Copper Composite Lapping Plate, 8" diameter Model
895.00 Qty.
  Diamond Conditioning Ring (for use with Copper Composite lapping plates only) Model
700.00 Qty.
  Glass Plate, 8" (Must be mounted to LP920A which is included with the Model 910) 0705-012 55.00 Qty.
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Application Notes: 87, 111
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