South Bay Technology is constantly developing new instrumentation and techniques for materials processing solutions as a result of interactions with our customers. We also are constantly improving, updating, and adding new accessories for our current products. Listed below are those new products or accessories that have been introduced within the last year.

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Fortress™ - FIB Holders
FIB-001LP - Fortress™ FIB Holder Low Profile
FIB-006LP - Fortress™ Sample Loader
FIB-001HP - Fortress™ FIB Holder High Profile
FIB-006LHP - Fortress™ FIB Sample Loader

Sample Saver
SS1 - Sample Saver - Storage Container and Inserts
TJ100 - Thing-A-Ma-Jug

Alignment Microscope & Tools for D500i DimpleR®
D500i-040 - Alignment Microscope for D500i
D500i-050 - Video Alignment Tool for D500i
01-05066-01 - Model 150 Holder Transferable to D500i
01-05091-01 - Model 141 Holder Transferable to D500i
01-05250-01 - Gatan 623 Holder Transferable to D500i

Diamond Loop Saw
875 - Diamond Loop Saw
875-7B - Diamond Loop Saw Blade

EBSD-150 Polishing and Storage Kit
EBSD-150 Polishing and Storage Kit

IBS/e and KDC 10   
Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and Etching System