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Constructed of a high impact polymer, the lightweight Model 875 Diamond Loop Saw is designed for medium precision, efficient cutting of hard and brittle materials. However, the saw is rugged enough to cut through materials such as soft metals and polymers as well. Samples can be safely hand fed into the blade and scroll cuts are easily made since the blade allows cutting from any side. Using the optional rotational plate and specimen slide guide, straight or angled cuts can be made. The diamond plated, steel core loop blades are designed for long life under normal conditions. Easy blade access and replacement procedures, make occasional saw maintenance extremely simple. Coolant is contained in a reservoir at the base of the saw and is easily changed. An optional separating loop blade is available for inside hole scroll cuts. The cutting arm can be separated from the base, lubrication added with a retaining plug and be used apart from the base.

Special Features Specifications:
Model/Part #
Price Enter Qty.
Included Parts 875 - Diamond Loop Saw    
875 Diamond Loop Saw   Qty.
875-7B Diamond Loop Saw Blade Included  
Part Number Optional Accessories and Spare Parts    
Model 875-7B Standard Diamond Loop Saw Blade Qty.
875-7FDB Fine Diamond / Dichronic Blade   Qty.
875-7SB Diamond Separating Blade (for inside holes)      Qty.
875-SSM Sample Slide Mechanism   Qty.
875-DB Drive Belt   Qty.
875-DW Drive Pulley   Qty.
875-FS Replacement Face Shield   Qty.
875-GDW Gold Guide Pulley with Bearing Qty.
875-IW Idler Pulley Complete   Qty.
875-RI Rubber Inserts for Gold Guide Pulley   Qty.
875-WS Replacement Work Surface   Qty.
Part Number Consumables    
02-02460-01 Water Soluble Coolant, 1 qt. (Dilute 25:1 w/H20)   Qty.
0722-001 SIC Dressing Stick (for blade dressing)   Qty.
NOTES Please click here to see Consumables Catalog and Price List for:
Abrasives, lapping films, metal bonded discs, SIC paper, abrasive powders, suspensions, cut off wheels, mounting wax, mounting blocks, polishing cloths, diamond films
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