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Technical Papers - (Please choose a maximum of 10)
SBT has a wide variety of technical publications from conferences around the world. These publications relate in some way to SBT products and are available by sending an email request.
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Report # Title Reference Citation Equipment / Technique
1 Polishing Methods for Metallic and Ceramic Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimens B.J. Kestel, ANL-80-120, Rev. 1, pp.1-66, March 1986 Model 550 Metal/Ceramics
2 Techniques for Achieving Reproducible Shutoff During Jet Thinning of TEM Specimens B.J. Kestel, Materials Science Division Argonne National Laboratory, IL Model 550 None
3 Improved Retention of Precipitates in Stainless Steels During Jet Thinning for TEM B.J. Kestel, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 19, pp.213-216, 1986 Model 550 Stainless Steel
4 Improved Electrolytes for Thinning of Vanadium and It's Alloys B.J. Kestel, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 19, pp. 299-302, 1986 Model 550 V
5 A Jet Electropolishing Solution for Silicon Germanium, Tantalum, Niobium, and Tungsten Rhenium B.J. Kestel, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 9, pp. 379-384, 1982 Model 550 SiGe;Ta;Nb;WR
6 Non-Acid Electrolyte Thins Many Materials for TEM Without Causing Hydride Formation B.J. Kestel, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 19, pp. 205-212, 1986 Model 550 Various Metals
7 Fabrication of GaAs Bistable Optical Devices J.L. Jewell, H.M. Gibbs, A.C. Gossard, A. Passner and W. Wiegmann, Univ. of Arizona and Bell Laboratories Model 550 GaAs
8 An Improved Technique for Selective Etching of GaAs and Ga1-xAlxAs J.J. Lepore, Journal Applied Physics, Vol. 51, No. 12, Dec. 1980 Etching GaAs;GaAlAs
9 A Chemical Thinning Technique for TEM Cross Sectional Samples R.J. Gaboriaud, California Institute of Tech. Model 550 Cross Sections
10 Preparation of Iron and Aluminum Samples for Ion Implantation and TEM Examination J.M. McDonald, Sandia National Laboratory Model 550 Fe;Al
11 Chemical Thinning of Silicon for TEM with Model 550D Jet Thinning Instrument SBT Applications Lab Model 550 Si
12 Stereographic X-Ray Reflection Topography of Dislocations in Zinc T. Vreeland Jr., W.M. Keck laboratory of Engineering Materials California Inst. Of Tech., Journal of Appl. Crystallography, Vol. 9, part 1, Feb. 1976 X-Ray Reflection Zn
13 Characterization of the Microstructure, Fracture Morphology, and Toughness in Particulate and Short Fibre Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites M.R. Krishnadev et al, Laval University Model 550 Al
14 Jet Thinning of YBa2Cu3Ox High Tc Superconductor and Gold for TEm with a Non-Acid Electrolyte B.J. Kestel, Argonne National Laboratory, March 1988, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 25, pp. 351-354 Model 550 Super;Au
15 Technique for Jet Thinning Aged Iron-Chromium Alloys for TEM B.J. Kestel, Materials Science Division Argonne National Laboratory, IL, pp.1-3 Model 550 FeCr
16 Technique for Preparation of TEM Foils from Two-Phase Uranium Silicide B.J. Kestel, Argonne National Laboratory, Revised Jan. 1988 Model 550 USi
17 The Formation of Pd8Mo in Proton-Irradiated Pd-Mo Solid Solutions M.S. Mostafa and A.J. Ardell, Materials Letters, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 67-60, 1987 Model 550 PdMo
18 Dimpling of Cadmium Telluride Samples for TEM Michael E. Lee, E.O. de Neijs and A.M. Letsoalo, Materials Research Society Proc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 115, 1988, pp. 193-198 Model 515 CdTe
19 Artefacts in Ceramics Produced During Preparation and Examination of TEM Specimens W.E. Lee, M.A. McCoy and S.G. Mhaisalkar, Materials Research Society Symp. Proc., Vol. 115, 1988, pp. 199-204 Model 515 Ceramics
20 TEM Specimen Preparation of Silicon Jim Tomei, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago Material Science Laboratory Model 515 Si
21 Technique for the Preparation of TEM Plan-View and Cross-Section Samples of YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films on MgO and SrTiO3 Stephen Streiffer, Stanford Univ. Model 515 MgO;SrTi;YBaCu
23 Making Durable Specimens for Electron Microscopy Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, NASA Tech Briefs, June 1989, pp. 55-56 Model 515
25 The Preparation of Cross-Section Specimens for TEM John C. Bravman and Robert Sinclair, Stanford Univ., Department of Materials Science and Engineering Model 590 Interfaces
26 Electrolyte for Jet-Thinning Martensitic Steel Containing Precipitates B.J. Kestel, Argonne National Laboratory, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 26, pp. 405-408 Model 550 Various
27 A Microfinishing Technique for Semiconductor Failure Analysis B.R. Hammond and R.R. Danyew, Burlington Technical Bulletin, pp. 1-5 Polishing Fe,Steel
28 Cross-Sectional TEM Specimen Preparation of Semiconductor Devices by Focused Ion Beam Etching Kyung-ho Park, Fujitsu Ltd. Kawaski, 211 Japan FIB / Model 515
29 From Wafers to Electron Transparency: Specimen Preparation of Semiconductors for TEM Paul Spellward, H. H. Wills Physics Lab, Univ. of Bristol Model 515 Semiconductor
31 Investigation of Ultra Thin Films of YBa2Cu3O7-8 Grown on MgO S.K. Streiffer, C. B. Eom, J. C. Bravman and T.H. Geballe, Stanford Univ., pp.6-7, Electron Microscopy, copyright 1990 Model 515 Superconductor
32 Recent Developments in the Preparation of Semiconductor Device Materials for the TEM J.P. Benedict, Ron Anderson, S.J. Klepeis, W.G. Vandygrift, M.S. Orndorff, IBM Corporation, pp. 1-10 Model 590 YBaCuO;MgO
33 A Procedure for Cross Sectioning Materials for TEM Analysis Without Ion Milling Ron Anderson, S. Klepeis, J. Benedict, IBM East Fishkill, " Speciman Preparation for Transmission Electron Micr. Of Materials, Vol. 115, pp. 179 Model 590 Semiconductor
34 A Procedure for Cross Sectioning Specific Semiconductor Devices for Both SEM and TEM Analysis J.P. Benedict, Ron Anderson, S.J. Klepeis, and M. Chaker, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 199, pp. 189- 204 Model 590 Semiconductor
35 Algorithm for Crystal Alignment with a Two-Axis Goniometer Joseph B. Milstein, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 61, Oct. 1990, pp. 2581- 2584 Model 250 Semiconductor
36 Electropolishing of Polycrystalline and Single Crystal YBa2Cu3O7-8 for TEM Studies R. Wheeler, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 35, pp. 59-64, 1991 Model 550 Crystals
37 Improved Methods and Novel Techniques for Jet Electropolishing of TEM Foils B.J. Kestel, Materials Research society Symp. Proc. Vol. 199 Model 550 YBaCuO
38 New Life for Unusable Electropolished TEM Foils V.L. Smith-Wackerie and C. L. Trybus, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 40, pp. 187-190, 1992 Model 590 Various
39 Nontraditional Mounting Media for the Preparation of Advanced Materials V.L. Smith- Wackerie and D. V. Miley, IMS Conference Proceedings, 1992 Model 515 / Model 360 Various
40 Sample Preparation Methods for TEM Analysis of Semiconductor Devices L.M. Gignac and A. L. Edel, ISTFA' 91, Nov. 11-15, 1991, pp. 41- 47 Model 590 Various
41 Microstructure of LaB6 base Thick Film Resistors Z.G. Li, P.F. Carcia and P.C. Donohue, J. Mater. Research., Vol. 7, No. 8, Aug. 1992 Model 590 Semiconductor
44 Polishing with Colloidal Silica George F. Vander Voort, pp.3-11 Colloidal polishing Si02;N
45 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of TiN Films by Ultralow Load Indentation Michael E. O'Hern, Robert H. Parrish and Warren C. Oliver, Thin Solid Films, 181, pp. 357-363, 1989 Model 515 Colloidal Si
46 Selected Area Polishing for Precision TEM Sample Preparation J. B. Liu, B. M. Tracy and R. Gronsky, Microscopy Research and Technique 26: 162-166, 1993 Model 590 TiN
47 Preparation of Pre-selected Areas of Silicon Wafers for TEM A. Bohg, E. Mirbach and L. Schneider, The Institue of Physics, Aug. 1977 Various for TEM Semiconductor
48 Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Device Junction Delineation by Chemical Etching Jingbao Liu, M. Lawrence, A. Dass, and Ronald Gronsky, Department of Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, University of California Chemical etching Si
49 Recent Developments in the Use of the Tripod Polisher for TEM Specimen Preparation John Benedict, Ron Anderson and Stanley J. Klepeis, Materials Research Society, Vol. 254, 1992 Model 590 Semiconductor
50 In Situ Hydride Formation in Zirconium and Titanium During Ion Beam Milling Graham J.C. Carpenter, Jennifer A. Jackman, John P. McCaffrey, and Reza Alani, Microscopy Society of America, Vol. 1, No. 4:pp. 175-184, 1995 Ion Milling Semiconductor
51 Preparation of Germanium TEM Specimens by Jet Electropolishing Bernard J. Kestel, Microscopy Society of America, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 137-142, 1995 Model 550 Ti;Zr
52 Sample Preparation of Thin Polymeric Films for TEM M.L. Porta, J.D. Rancourt, and L.T. Taylor, American Laboratory,pp. 91-93 Sample preparation Ge
62 Seeing Atoms James Trefil, Discover, pp. 55-60 STM / AFM
64 A Technique for Producing Precise Large Area XTEM Samples of VLSI Devices Wayne S. Berry, IBM General Technology Division,pp. 1-4 Cross sectioning
65 Investigation of Multilayer Metallisation in a Gate Array Device Using Cross Sectional TEM S.F. Gong, H.T.G. Hentzell PhD, A. Robertson, G. Radnoczi PhD, Iee Proceedings, Vol. 137, No.1, 1990,pp.53-56 Cross sectioning VLSl Circuts
67 Properties of Diamond Lapping Films N. Kawashima, T. Hattori, K. Orii, S. Tochihara, Lapping Films, pp. 244-247 Diamond lapping film
69 Preparation of Large Thin Area VLSI TEM Specimens by Dimpling with a Flatting Tool Helen L. Humiston, Bryan M. tracy, M. Lawerence A. Dass, Intel Corporation Model 515 C (Buckyballs)
78 Rapid Plan View TEM Sample Preparation for Semiconductor Grain Size Analysis M.W. Cole and E.S. Zakar, Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique, Vol. 19, pp. 128-129 Plan view
79 Preparation of (InGa)As/GaAs Multilayered Materials for TEM by One Side Non-Rotation Ion Beam Thinning J.Y. Yao and G.L. Dunlop, Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique, Vol. 19, pp. 90-98 Ion milling Semiconductors
80 Preparation of Ultra Thin Oxide Windows on Titanium for TEM Analysis G. Radegran, J. Lausmaa, L. Mattsson, U. Rolander, and B. Kasemo, Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique, Vol. 19, pp. 99-106 Sample preparation InGaAs
81 The Metallography of Stainless Steels George F. Vander Voort, Applied Metallography, pp.6-12 Metallography Ti02
87 Specimen Preparation of Thin Crystalline Fibers for TEM Rosemarie Koch and Ann F. Marshall, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 199, pp.145-152, 1990 Sample preparation
91 Super Scopes Arthur Fisher, Popular Science, pp. 64-70 Microscopy Optical Coating
94 Thin Films Get Thinner as Research Heats Up Tim Studt, R&D Magazine, pp. 70,71,74,80, March 1990 None
95 Diamond Films: Hard Materials to Beat Alan B. Haker, R&D Magazine, pp. 84-91, March 1990 None Thin Films
96 Planarization Using RIE and Chemical Mechanical Polish Victor Comello, Semiconductor International, pp. 28, March 1990 Chem-mechanical polishing Diamond Coating
98 Grinding and Lapping: A Basic Guideline   Grinding and Lapping  
99 A Technique for the Preparation of Thin Film Cross Sections for TEM M. Liberia, T.A. Nguyen, and C. Hwang, Stevens Institute of Technology Cross sectioning None  
102 Crystallographic Phase Identification in the SEM: BSE Kikuchi Patterns J.R. Michael and R.P. Goehner, Microscopy Society of America, Vol.23, No.2:pp. 168-175 BSE diffraction Pd2Si  
107 Microtomy: Convenient Method for Preparing XTEM Ceramic Samples Yves Maniette, Journal of Materials Science Letters, pp.48-50 Ultramicrotomy Particles  
108 Preparation of Mulitlayer Optical Coatings for XTEM by Ultramicrotomy P. Swab and R.E. Klinger, Optical Coating Laboratory Ultramicrotomy SiC Fibers  
109 Techniques for Study of Electrocrystallization In Situ Using TEM K.J. Hanson, J.M. Gibson, M.L. McDonald, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 115, 1998 In situ TEM Diamond  
110 Preparation of Electropolished Transverse Aluminum Sections for TEM Steve Smith, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol.115:pp. 223-228,1998 Jet polishing Ag on Au  
111 Techniques in Preparing TEM Specimens of Diamond Thin Films W.A. Chiou, M.S. Wong, F.R. Chen, D.X. Li, R.P.H. Chang, and M. Meshii, electron Microscopy Society of Amer.:pp. 716-717 Sample preparation Al  
112 Preparation of In Situ Cu-Nb Composite Sheet and Wire for TEM C.L. Trybus, F.C. Laabs, A.R. Pelton, and W.A. Spitzig, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol.115:pp.235-240 In situ TEM Diamond  
113 TEM Observation of Mechanically Thinned SiC H.K. Plummer Jr. and S.S. Shinozaki, Elec. Micr. Soc. of Amer., pp.178-179,232-233 Plan view polishing Cu-Nb  
114 Two Methods for Aligning a Mechanical Dimpling Device for TEM Sample Preparation S.A. Bradleyt, ,J.F. Reddy, and Wayne E. King, Jour. of Elec. Micr. Tech. 6:pp.303-304 Dimpling SiC  
115 Automated Jet Polishing of TEM Specimens for In Situ Straining B. Hardiman, W.A.T. Clark, and R.H. Wagoner, Jour. of Elec. Micr. Tech. 5: pp.199-202 Jet polishing None  
116 TEM Specimen Preparation by Mechanical Microthinning H.K. Plummer, Jr., and S. Shinozaki, Research Staff, Ford Motor Company Mechanical polishing Al;Brass  
117 Artefacts in Ceramics Produced During Preparation and Examination of TEM Specimens W.E. Lee, M.A. McCoy and S.G. Mhaisalkar, Department of Ceramic Engineering Sample preparation SiC;Al;Ceramic  
118 Preparation of Mechanically Alloyed Powders for TEM Examination E.A. Kamenetzky, M. Wall, R. Castro, and L.E. Tanner, Chemistry and Materials Science Dept. Sample preparation Ceramics  
119 Dimpling of Cadmium Telluride Samples for TEM Michael E. Lee, E.O. de Neijis and A.M. Letsoalo, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol.115, pp.193-204 Dimpling Ni;Nb powders  
120 Cross Sectional TEM Preparation of Magneto-Optical Disk by Ultramicrotomy G.W. Bailey and C.L. Rieder, Microscopy Society of America, pp.236-237 Ultramicrotomy CdTe
121 Simple Plan View Specimen Preparation for TEM Investigation of Semiconductors and Metals A. De veirman, J. Eysermans, H. Bender, J. Vanhellemont and J. Van Landuyt, Materials Research Society Plan view TbFeCoSiN
122 A Controlled Method for Preparing Plan View Si Samples for TEM Study Myrtle B. Ellington, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 115, 1998, pp. 265-270 Plan view GaAs;A1203
123 A Variation of TEM Sample Preparation for VLSI Analysis Michael Madden and Penny Crafard, Journal of Electron Micr. Tech., 11:pp. 161-166 Cross sectioning Si
124 How to Build Two Sample Multilayered Cross Sections Dr. Hun-Lian Tsai and Lorraine Palmer, Materials Science Lab:pp. 1-4 Cross sectioning Si
125 A Technique for Preparing TEM Cross Sections to Specific Area Using the FIB S. Morris, S. Tatti, E. Black, N. Dickson, H. Mendez, B. Schwlesow, and R. Pyle, The Inter. Sym. For Testing & Failure Anal., pp. 417-427 FIB Si
126 Cross Sectional TEM Sample Preparation for Multilayer Electronic Materials Peng-Heng Chang, M.D. Coviello and A.F. Scott, Mat. Sci. Lab Cross sectioning Si
127 Rapid Preparation Technique for XTEM Investigation of Semiconductors and Metals J. Vanhellemont, H. Bender and l. Rossou, Inter. Micro-Elect. Center, pp. 1-6 Cross sectioning Si
128 Techniques of Insulator/Semiconductor Heterostructure Specimen Preparation D. Bahnck, J.L. Batstone, and Julia M. Phillips, AT&T Bell Laboratories Sample preparation Si;Si/Quartz
129 Cross Section Preparation of Film/Substrate Combinations with Large Sputtering Yield Differences ULF Helmersson and jan-Eric Sundgren, Jour. Of Elec. Micr. Tech.,4:pp. 361-369 Ion milling CaF2/Si/A1203
130 Preparation of Cross Sections of Si Specimens for TEM A. Garulli, A. Armigliato, M. Vanzi, J. Microsc. Spectrosc. Electron., Vol. 10, No.2, 135-144 Cross sectioning TiN;W;Mo6C
131 Sample Preparation Methods for TEM Analysis of Semiconductor Devices L.M. Gignac and A. L. Edel, ISTFA' 91, Nov. 11-15, 1991, pp. 41- 47 Sample preparation Si
132 Specimen Preparation for TEM of Materials-III Ron Anderson, Bryan Tracy, John Bravman, Materials Research Society, Vol. 254 Sample preparation Si;PtSi
133 Surface and Interfacial Studies of Sintered YBaCO Superconductors by Auger Electron Spectroscopy E.W. Seibt and A. Zalar, Materials Letters, Vol.7,pp:256-260 Auger Si
134 Characterization of Interfaces in Metal Matrix Composites L.F. Allard, S.P. Rawal and M.S. Misra, Journal of Metals, Vol.38, pp:40-42 Interfaces YaBaCO
135 Microstructural Characterization of Interfaces in Diffusion Bonded Cast Gr/Mg Composites Suraj P. Rawal, Lawerence F. Allard, and Mohan S. Misra, Interfaces SiC;C/Al
136 Ion Thinning Apparatus for Preparation of TEM Specimens Using New Type Ion Guns Kentaroh Yoshida and Takashi Yamada, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 55, pp:551-558 Ion milling Gr/Mg composite
137 A Saddle Field Ion Source of Spherical Configuration for Etching and Thinning Applications J. Franks and A. M. Ghander, Vacuum, Vol.24, Num.10,pp:489-491 Ion milling Minerals
138 Optimization of Thinning Rates in an Argon Ion Beam Thinner Geoffrey M. McCredie, Mathew R. Phillips, and Anthony R. Moon, Rev.Sci.Instrum. 62,pp:1855-1856,167-169 Ion milling None
139 Plasma Neutral Beam Etching Apparatus George C. Marshall, NASA Tech Briefs MFS-26068, Tech. Utilization Office Ion milling None
140 Formation and Elimination of Surface Ion Milling Defects in CdTe, ZnS, and ZnSe A.G. Cullis, N.G. Chew, and J.L. Hutchison, Dept. of Metallurgy and Science of Mat., pp:1-13 Ion milling None
141 Iodine Ion Milling of Indium Containing Compound Semiconductors N.G. Chew and A.G. Cullis, Ion milling CdTe;ZnS;ZnSe
142 Preparation of TEM Specimens from Compound Semiconductors by Ion Milling N.G. Chew and A.G. Cullis, Ultramicroscopy 23, pp:175-198 Ion milling InP;InSb;CdTe
143 Ion Beam Induced Roughness and Effects in AES Depth Profiling of Multilayer Ni/Cr Thin Films A. Barna, P.B. Barna and A. Zalar, surface and Interface Analysis, Vol.12, pp:144-150(1988) Ion milling InP;InSb;CdTe
144 Study of Ion Mixing During Auger Depth Profiling of Ge-Si Multilayers M. Menyhard, A. Barna, J.P. Biersack, J. Vac. Sci. Technol., pp:2368-2372 Auger NiCr thin films
145 Possibility of Surface Polishing by Ion Beam Thinning A. Barna, Yearbook'87 of the Research Institute for Tech. Physics, Budapest Ion milling Ge-Si multilyr.
146 Topographic Kinetics and the Practice of Low Angle Ion Beam Thinning Arpad Barna, Mat.Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 254, pp: 3-22 Ion milling Si
147 Model Considerations of Ion Beam Thinning for Preparing TEM Samples A. Barna and P.B. Barna, Res. Inst. For Tech. Physics, pp:247-248 Ion milling Si
148 Analysis of the Development of Large Surface Topography During Ion Etching A. Barna, P.B. Barna and A. Zalar, Vacuum, Vol.40, pp:115-120 Ion milling None
149 New Type of Ion Milling Equipment for Sample Preparation A. Barna, Eurem, 1984, Budapest, Vol.1, pp:107-108 Ion milling Ti;Cu;Al;Si
150 Precision Ion Milling of Layered, Multielement Specimens with high Specimen Preparation Spatial Resolution Ron Anderson and John Benedict, IBM Ion milling None
151 Comparative Study of Ion Milling Techniques in Cross Sectional TEM Specimen Preparation E.M. Zielinski and Bryan Tracy, Mic. Res. and Tech., Vol.22, pp: 199-206 Ion milling Si
152 Comparison of Ion Beam Sputtered Chromium and Iridium Films for EM Applications G.F. Cardinale, V.L. Carlino, D.G. Howitt, Scanning, Vol.15, pp:25-30 Ion milling Si;Ti;Si02
153 Effects of Type and Size of Diamond Abrasives on Material Removal Rates in Metallographic Polishing L.E. Samuels and B. Wallace, Metallography, Vol.17, pp:19-41(1984) Metallography Cr;lr
157 On the Recrystallization of Electrodeposited Zn During Mechanical Polishing to Electron Transparency L.A. Giannuzzi, P.R. Howell, H.W. Pickering and W.R. Bitler, Elec. Mic. Soc. Of Amer., 1991 Metallography Various
158 Metallography of Stainless Steels George F. Vander Voort, Journal of Metals, Vol.41, No.3, 1989, pp:6-11 Metallography Zn
159 Mounting, Lapping, and Polishing Large Sizes and Quantities of Metallographic Specimens N.J. Gendron, American Society for Metals Metallography Stainless steel
160 Metallographic Specimen Preparation of Ferrous Metals: An Introduction James Nelson, Heat treating, 1988,pp:22-25 Metallography Various
161 Polishing of Diamond Films B. Bhushan, V.V. Subramaniam and B.K. Gupta, Diamond Films and Tech., Vol.4, No.2, 1994, pp:71-97 Metallography Various
163 Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites: A Sample Preparation Challenge Stephanie Chanat, Vol.73, No.4, 1994, pp:73-77 Metallography Diamond
164 Tribology of Amorphic Diamond on Stainless Steel C.B. Collins, F. Davanloo, J.H. You and H. Park, Diamond Films and Tech., Vol.4, No.1, 1994, pp:15-21 Metallography Composites
171 In Situ X Ray Diffraction Study of Supersaturated Ni 12.5% Alloy S. Polat, M.A. Dvorack and Hayden Chen, Acta Metall, Vol.33, No.12, pp:2175-2183 X-ray diffraction SiC;Diamond; TiN
172 Application of the Ionless Tripod Polisher to the Preparation of YBCO Superconducting Multilayer and Bulk Ceramic Thin Films J. Ayache and P.H. Albarede, Ultramicroscopy 60, pp:195-206 Model 590 Ni 12.5%Si
173 Chemical-Mechanical Polishing: Process Manufacturability Rahul Jairath, Janos Farkas, C.K. Huang, Matt Shell and Sing-Mo Tzeng, Solid State Tech., 1994,pp:71-74 Chem-mechanical polishing YBCO
176 Improved Sample Preparation for Cross-Sectional TEM of Layered Structures using Rocking-Angle Ion Milling Techniques Jeong Soo Lee, Young Woo Jeong and Sung Tae Kim, Micr. Res. And Tech, Vol.33, pp:490-495, 1996 Ion milling MEMS
177 TEM Sample Preparation: Cutting a Selected Area to Size and Grid Mounting for FIB John F. Walker, FEI Europe Ltd. FIB Pt/Ti/TiN/Si02/Si
179 Ultramicrotomy for Materials Science T.F. Malis and D. Steele, Ultramicroscopy for Mat. Sci., Vol.199, pp:1-29 Ultramicrotomy Si
180 Cross Sectioning Materials for TEM Analysis using the Tripod Polisher J.P. Benedict, R.M. Anderson, S.J. Klepeis, Microstructural Science, Vol.23, pp:277-284 Model 590 Various
181 Small Angle Cleavage of Semiconductors for TEM J.P. McCaffrey, Ultramicroscopy 38, 1991, pp:149-157 Model 520 Si
182 TEM Samples of Semiconductors Prepared by a Small Angle Cleavage Technique J.P. McCaffrey, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol.254, 1992, pp:109-120 Model 520 lll-V; ll-Vl materials
184 High Resolution Electron Microscopy on Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films C. Tracholt, J.G. Wen, V. Svetchnikov, A. Delsing and H.W. Zandbergen, Thin Solid Films, 228, 1993, pp:178-181 Model 590 Semiconductors
185 Ultramicrotomy of Diamond Films for TEM Cross Section Analysis P. Swab, Micr. Res. And Tech., Vol.31, 1995, pp:308-310 Ultramicrotomy YBa2Cu307
186 Preparation of Specimens for use in Fabricating Bicrystals by UHV Diffusion Bonding W.L. Wlen, G.H. Campbell, W.E. King, Microstructural Science, Vol.23, pp:215-219 Model 170; 150 Diamond
187 Plasma Treatment for Improved Wire Bonding Michael K. Cinibulk, John R. Welch, and Randall S. Hay, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., Vol.79, 1996, pp:2481-84 PC 150 Cu
188 Preparation of Thin Sections of Coated Fibers for Characterization by TEM Fazal Fazlin, Solis State Technology, 1996, pp:117-120 Model 590 Various
189 Auger Depth Profile Analysis of Deeply Buried Interfaces A. Barna and M. Menyhard, Phys. Stat. Sol., Vol.145, pp:263-273 Auger fibers
190 Study of Low Energy Atomic Mixing by Means of Auger, XTEM, and TRIM Simulation on Ge/Si Multilayer Systems A. Barna and M. Menyhard, Surface and Interface Analysis, Vol.24, pp:476-480, 1996 Auger Various
191 Preparation of Cross Sectional TEM Samples for Low Angle Ion Milling J.P. McCaffrey and A. Barna, Mic. Res. And Tech., Vol. 36, pp:362-367,1997 Mechanical polishing Ge-Si multilyr.
192 Reactive Ion Milling of InP Based Samples Barna A and Pecz B, Res. Inst. For Tech. Physics IV3 Si; Various
193 Applications of Reactive Gas Plasma Cleaning Technology in Minimizing Contamination of Specimens During TEM and AEM S.P. Roberts, N.J. Zaluzec, S.D. Walck, J.T. Grant, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol.480, 1997, pp:127-136 PC 150 InP
194 TEM Cross Section Preparation with Minimal Ion Milling Time C.P. Scott, A.J. Craven, P. Hatto and C. Davies, Journal of Microscopy, Vol.182, 1996, pp:186-191 Dimpling / Ion Milling Stainless steel
197 A Convenient Method for Removing Surface Oxides from Tungsten STM Tips Lisa A. Hockett and Stephen E. Creager, Rev. Sci. Instrum., Vol.64, 1993, pp:263-264 Chemical etching Diamond
198 Tip Sharpening by Normal and Reverse Chemical Etching Mircea Fotino, Rev. Sci. Instrum., Vol.64, 1993, pp:159-167 Chemical etching W
199 Diamond Compounds for Polishing Metallographic Specimens R.D. Buchheit and J.L. McCall, Battelle-Columbus Laboratories, pp:77- 93 Polishing W
203 Advanced Preparation of Hard Materials for Cross-Sectional TEM Analysis Kim Ostreicher and Changmo Sung, Materials Characterization Dept. Dimpling; ion milling SiC;SiGe alloy
204 A Novel Method for the Cross-Sectional TEM Preparation of Thin Films Deposited onto Water Soluble Substrates Gyorgy Safran and Pierre Panine, Micr. Res. And Tech., Vol.25, pp:346-349, 1993 Polishing ZnAlCu alloy
205 Reduced Amorphization of Ion Milled Silicon Cross Section TEM Samples by Dynamic Annealing During Milling D. Bahnck and R. Hull, AT&T Bell Laboratories Ion milling NaCl
207 Peroxide Polishing of Semiconductor Wafers to Sub-nm Finish Elsevier Science Ltd.,Vol.7, No.2, pp:20-24 Chemical polishing Abrasives
209 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Orientation of a Semiconductive Single Crystal American Society for Testing and Materials, pp:1-5 Crystal orientation Si
210 TEM Calibration Sample for All Magnification, Camera Constant, and Image-Diffraction Pattern Rotation Calibrations J. McCaffrey and J.M. Baribeau, Micros. Res. And Tech., Vol.32, pp:449-454,1995 TEM calibration semiconductors
211 Tips on Finding a Good Etchant for Metals Bernard Kestel, Argonne National Lab, pp:6 Electropolishing Si/SiGe
212 Investigation of Multilevel Metallization ULSI by Light Emission from the Back-Side and Front-Side of the Chip K. Naitoh, T. Ishii, J.-1. Mitsuhashi, Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, 1997, pp:145-151 Backside emission Metals
214 Application of Backside Photo and Thermal Emission Microscopy Techniques to Advanced Memory Devices S.-S.Lee, J.-S. Seo, N.-S. Cho, S. Daniel, Symposium for Testing and failure Analysis,1997,pp:63-66 Backside emission Semiconductors
215 Fast Grinding to Optical Transparency on the Second Side Scott Walck, Mic. Res. And Tech., Vol. 26, pp:162,1993 Tripod polishing Semiconductors
216 Influence of the Growth Mechanism on the Grain Boundary Structure in YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Film Bicrystals J. Ayache, A. Thorel, J. Le Duigou, J. Bonevich, U. Dahmen, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,pp:2774-2778,1996 Tripod polishing Semiconductors
217 Ion Energy Effect on Surface Amorphisation of Semiconductor Crystals A. Barna, L. Toth, B. Pecz, G. Radnoczi, Ion milling YRa2Cu307
218 Low Angle and Low Energy Ion Beam Etching for TEM Sample Preparation A. Barna, Research Institute for Technical Papers,pp:1-4 Ion milling Semiconductors
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220 Investigation on the High Speed Ion Beam Thinning of LiNbO3 Single Crystals L. Malicsko, A. Barna, R. Scholz Ion milling Semiconductors  
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