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The SoniCut™ 380 UltraSonic Cutter is a specialized cutting instrument which utilizes abrasive powders and high speed, vibratory motion to cut discs, holes, cylinders, squares and other shapes from hard, brittle materials. The high speed motion is developed using an ultrasonic transducer oscillating at 26kH. Boron carbide slurry is applied to the sample and the tool is lowered onto the specimen. The particles under the vibrating tool impact the sample and erode the material in the shape of the tool.
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Included Parts Model # Part #
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3.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel   01-02027-01
Specimen Mounting Plate   01-02044-01
Magnetic Plate Assembly   02-02598-02
Magnetic Slurry Ring   0557-006
3/8 Open end box Wrench   0541-045
Spare Lamp   0651-011
0.5A SB Fuse (spare) for 220 volt   0652-002
1A SB Fuse (spare) for 115 volt   0652-004
Copper Flat washer (10 spares)   0517-032
Syringe   0590-006
23um Boron Carbide, 25 grams   BP23-25
14um Boron Carbide, 25 grams   BP14-25
Alignment Microscope Model 36001 Request Quote Qty.
Cross Sectioning Kit Model 38001 Request Quote Qty.
Includes all accessories needed for creating XTEM stacks for dimpling and ion milling. 
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Application Notes: (380) -  3, 4, 5   (38001) - 3
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2.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-04 Qty.
2.3mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-06 Qty.
3.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-01 Qty.
4.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-07 Qty.
5.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-02 Qty.
6.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-05 Qty.
7.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-10 Qty.
8.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-09 Qty.
9.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-03 Qty.
10.0mm ID Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02027-08 Qty.
Special size up to 10mm ID, Circular Cutting tool, stainless steel01-02027-XX
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2mm x 3mm Cutting too., stainless steel 01-02071-02
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4mm x 5mm Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02071-01
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Special size up to 10mm x 10mm Square Cutting tool, stainless steel 01-02096-XX
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Specimen Mount 01-02044-01 Qty.
Magnet Mounting Plate Assembly 02-02598-01 Qty.
Lamp 0651-011 Qty.
0.5A SB Fuse (220V unit) 0652-002 Qty.
1A SB Fuse (115V unit) 0652-004 Qty.
Copper Flat washer for use between tool and horn 0517-032 Qty.
Syringe 0590-006 Qty.
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