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810 Abrasive Slurry Saw

The Wire Saw offers the most gentle mechanical method for cutting virtually any material using either a diamond impregnated wire blade or a plain wire blade with an abrasive slurry. In addition to traditional mechanical cutting, the saw can also be used as a string saw to cut water soluble crystals. It is most useful for cutting fragile crystals, substrates with delicate layers or any material that would be damaged when using a diamond wheel saw. Very brittle materials will cut the fastest, but even soft materials can be cut since there is not the problem of loading the blade that is inherent with diamond or abrasive wheels. The Wire Saw has sample holders available to hold virtually any shape sample including a goniometer to simplify the cutting of oriented crystals.
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Model 810 Wire Saw
(Includes everything necessary to operate)
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Included Parts Model # Part #
Single Axis Goniometer Model 65001  
Double Clamp Holder Model 65003  
Aluminum mounting plate (qty. 2)   01-01085-01
Aluminum mounting plate (qty 2)   01-01086-01
Graphite mounting plate (qty. 4)   01-01063-01
Graphite mounting plate (qty. 4)   01-01064-01
Work arm assembly   02-03502-01
Micrometer head, 25mm travel   0560-002
Micrometer adapter, metric   01-03543-01
Mounting wax sample kit   MWS-1
Drip Guide   01-03561-01
Funnel   01-03562-01
Drip Pan   01-03547-01
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(The first 4 pictures shown mounted on Model 650 saw.)
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65001 Single Axis Goniometer Single-Axis Goniometer -The Model 65001 has a graduated scale with a 0.2° vernier and can be rotated 360°. This rotational capability makes it ideal for precisely slicing single crystals. The sample is mounted to a block using a low melting point wax and the block is subsequently clamped into the Model 65001. Wax mounting of the sample ensures that the cut piece will remain attached to the holder and will not be damaged by falling after being cut. Model
410.00 Qty.
65003 Double Clamp Sample Holder Double Clamp Sample Holder - The Model 65003 is a clamp type holder designed to clamp both ends of a round or rectangular rod while cutting between the two clamped positions. The Model 65003 can also be used as a single clamp holder to hold encapsulated metallurgical samples up to 1.25" in diameter. Model
250.00 Qty.
65004 Petrographic Sample Holder This Model 65004 Petrographic Sample Holder uses vacuum to hold 1" x 2" petrographic microscope slide with a petrographic sample cemented to it. The sample can be aligned with the diamond wheel on the Model 650 to cut a thin sample. Model
760.00 Qty.
65005 2-axis Goniometer 2-Axis Goniometer - When the Model 65005 is used with the vernier on the Model 650, the combination is a 2-axis Goniometer. Model
1,575.00 Qty.
  The Model 65011 track mount is for holding Model 65005 2-axis Goniometer for x-ray or optical orientation. Model
1,575.00 Qty.
65006 Vise Holder The Model 65006 Vise Holder is used for holding odd shaped samples that can be held with a vise. Model
760.00 Qty.
65007 Right Angle Holder The Model 65007 Right Angle Holder for holding sample at right-angles to wheel, using the same mounting blocks that are used on Models 147, 150 and 155 lapping fixtures (or any mounting block that has an 8-32 thread).  Model
480.00 Qty.
  Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts.) Model
225.00 Qty.
  Right Angle Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts.) Model
695.00 Qty.
  Adjustable Right Angle Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts.) Model
850.00 Qty.
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Aluminum Blocks
Part # Price Enter Qty.
1" WIDE X 3" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01085-01 8.00 Qty.
1" WIDE X 1.5" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01086-01 7.00 Qty.
2" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01087-01 8.00 Qty.
1.5" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01088-01 7.00 Qty.
1.5" WIDE X 4" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01089-01 8.00 Qty.
1" WIDE X 4" LONG X 0.5" THICK
01-02519-01 8.00 Qty.
1" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.5" THICK
01-02521-01 7.00 Qty.
Graphite Blocks
01-01237-01 6.00 Qty.
01-01238-01 7.00 Qty.
01-01239-01 7.00 Qty.
0.87" WIDE X 2.5" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01063-01 6.00 Qty.
0.87" WIDE X 0.87" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01064-01 7.00 Qty.
1.87" WIDE X 1.87" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01080-01 9.00 Qty.
1.37" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.18" THICK
01-01084-01 7.00 Qty.
.25" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01096-01 6.00 Qty.
0.37" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01095-01 6.00 Qty.
0.5" WIDE X 0.75" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01090-01 6.00 Qty.
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Description Part # Price Enter Qty.
0.010" diameter (old #02-01058-01)  
Package of 10 WBS010-10 120.00 Qty.
Package of 50 WBS010-50 495.00 Qty.
Package of 100 WBS010-100 975.00 Qty.
0.015" diameter (old #02-01059-01)  
Package of 10 WBS015-10 120.00 Qty.
Package of 50 WBS015-50 495.00 Qty.
Package of 100 WBS015-100 975.00 Qty.
0.010" diameter (old #02-01060-01)  
Package of 5WBD010-5 175.00 Qty.
Package of 25 WBD010-25 800.00 Qty.
Package of 100 WBD010-100 2,800.00 Qty.
0.015" diameter (old #02-01061-01)  
Package of 5WBD015-5 195.00 Qty.
Package of 25 WBD015-25 875.00 Qty.
Package of 100 WBD015-100 3,100.00 Qty.
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