South Bay Technology crystal orientation tools are unique in their ablility to interface with SBT cutting and polishing systems. A crystal can be oriented on an x-ray track, transferred to a cutting instrument and subsequently transferred to a lapping and polishing system, all while maintaining crystal orientation.

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Model #
250 - 2-axis Goniometer (includes mounting blocks and orientation software)
25010 - Lapping Fixture for Model 250 also 25015
260 - 3-axis Goniometer
265 - 3-axis Goniometer
65005 - 2-axis Goniometer (used on Model 650 saw)
65011 - Track mount (for 3.625" to 4" height) - used to hold the Model 65005

Lapping Fixtures with Built In Goniometers
170 - Multi-axis Lapping Fixture (used to polish samples on fixture)

X-Ray or Optical Orientation
210 - Optical Orientation Instrument (includes laser w/out Goniometer or track mount)
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