South Bay Technology has developed a large number of lapping and polishing fixtures that hold samples from less than 1/8" to over 8" in diameter.  With many of our fixtures, samples can be precisely lapped with mircrometer or digital thickness control.  With our shim-controlled lapping fixtures, multiple samples can be reproducibly thinned to the same thickness as determined by the combination of shims used.  Fixtures are available that will lap or polish edges at specific angles.  We have lapping and polishing equipment that will handle fixtures up to 4" in diameter.

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Lapping Fixtures
SLP1 - Shim Controlled Lapping Fixtures
MLP1 - Lapping Fixtures
MLP2 - Special Lapping Fixtures
VLP1 - VersaLapT Fixtures
EBSD-150 - Polishing and Storage Kit

Polishing Stations
900 - 8" Grinder/Polisher
910 - Metallurgical Grinder/Polisher
920 - 8" Lapping Machine
180 - Hand Lapping Tray, stackable
195 - Multi Lap Polishing Tool
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