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310 Disc Punch

The Model 310 Disc Punch is designed to prepare ductile metals and soft materials for TEM without mechanical distortion. Solid construction and high tolerance design allow maximum force to be used with difficult materials while maintaining specimen quality. A specimen alignment fixture is included which guarantees maximum specimen yield and precise specimen location. After the disc is punched it is automatically ejected from the die and collected in an easily removable tray. The precise construction of every unit guarantees sharp edges and easy disc ejection even after long term use.
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Disc Punch Model 310
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Base holder 01-02825-01 Qty.
Specimen holder 01-02826-01 Qty.
Knurled screw (to hold specimen holder to the specimen holder base) 0508-010 Qty.
Punch, perforating, 3mm 0553-001 Qty.
Die Button for 3mm punch 0553-002 Qty.
Punch, perforating, 2.3mm 0553-003 Qty.
Die button for 2.3mm punch 0553-004 Qty.
3mm alignment tool, punch/die, Model 310 03-00376-01 Qty.
2.3mm alignment tool, punch/die, Model 310 03-00378-01 Qty.
Specimen holder tray 01-02821-01 Qty.
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