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865 Diamond Band Saw

Constructed of a high impact polymer, the lightweight Model 865 Diamond Band Saw is designed for medium precision, efficient cutting of hard and brittle materials. However, the saw is rugged enough to cut through materials such as soft metals and polymers as well. Samples can be hand fed into the blade with the standard specimen guide. The diamond plated, steel core blades are designed for long life under normal conditions. Easy blade access and replacement procedures, make occasional saw maintenance extremely simple. Coolant is contained in a reservoir at the base of the saw.
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Included Parts - Includes everything necessary to operate Model #
Diamond Band Saw (115 Volt Only) Model 865
Diamond Band Saw Blade 01-01307-01
Blade Guides X 3 01-01291-01
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Replacement Parts Item # Price Enter
Diamond band saw blade 01-01307-01 Qty.
Top friction belt 01-01332-01 Qty.
Bottom friction belt 01-01332-02 Qty.
Blade guide 01-01291-01 Qty.
Lower adjustment screw 865-001 Qty.
Locking nuts 865-002 Qty.
Plastic arm 865-003 Qty.
Lower shaft assembly 865-004 Qty.
Lower drive wheel 865-005 Qty.
Upper drive wheel 865-006 Qty.
Lower drive wheel bushing assembly 865-008 Qty.
Blade guide holder 865-007 Qty.
Slide Assembly 02-01298-01 Qty.
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Water soluble coolant; 1 quart (dilute 25:1 with water) 02-02460-01 Qty.
SiC dressing stick (for blade dressing) 0722-001 Qty.
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