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515 Precision Dimpling Instrument
This item is temporarily unavailable - accessories and consumables are available.

Accessories will be sold out-of-stock while supplies last.

Model 515 Precision Dimpling Instrument (Not available at this time.) Discontinued
Optional Accessories (available out-of-stock while supplies last) Part/Model # Price Enter Quantity
Digital Micrometer 0560-010 Qty.
Brass Tool Kit: includes 16x1mm, 10x0.8mm, 16x3mm, 13x15mm tools 02-03334-01 Qty.
Standard Specimen Seat 01-03322-01 Qty.
Specimen Centering Tool 01-03368-01 Qty.
Polishing cloth hub assembly 02-03335-01 Qty.
Polishing Kit: includes 13.5x1.5mm felt cloth (qty. 5), 16.5x1.5mm felt cloth (qty. 5) 02-03410-01 Qty.
Weight Kit: includes 1, 2, 3 gram weights 02-03328-01 Qty.
MicroSaw: worktable, diamond cutting wheel and collar assembly Model 51504 Qty.
XTEM Clamp (for epoxy mounting cross sectional stacks) Model 51507 Qty.
Optional Accessories Item # Price Enter Qty.
Stereo Zoom Microscope Model 51501 Qty.
Back Lighting Kit Model 51502 Qty.
Adjustable Specimen Seat Model 51503 Qty.
Back Lit Adjustable Specimen Seat Model 51506 Qty.
Lapping & Polishing Fixture, with magnetic plate that transfers directly to model 51503 and 51506. (uses a set of shims to determine final thickness) Model 141 Qty.
Right Angle Specimen Holder (can mount the model 141 onto this holder for directly cutting specimens using the Model 540 Low Speed Diamond Saw)
Model 65007 Qty.
Consumables Item # Price Add to Cart
Cover Glass for 51502 (18mm dia. x 0.15mm) pkg. 50 02-03332-01
Cover Glass for 51502 (18mm dia. x 0.21mm) pkg. 50 02-03333-01
Diamond cut-off wheel for Model 51504 (1" x 0.006", 300 mesh) 02-03415-01
Graphite Plate for Model 51504 Microsaw 01-01090-01
  Dimpling Tools        
Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Edge Material Part # Price Add to Cart
10 0.8 straight Brass 01-03408-01
      Stainless 01-03412-01
      Diamond 01-03447-01
13 1.5 straight Brass 01-03413-01
      Stainless 01-03416-01
16 1.5 straight Brass 01-03414-01
      Stainless 01-03417-01
16 3 straight Brass 01-03415-01
      Stainless 01-03418-01
      Diamond 01-03450-01
16 1 radiused Brass 01-03465-01
      Stainless 01-03419-01
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