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The EBSD Specimen Polishing Kit is based on the South Bay Technology Model 150 micrometer controlled lapping fixture. Two mounting blocks are included to hold a 1/8" pin SEM mount for plan view preparation or SBT Tripod Polisher® SEM mount for XSEM preparation. The stubs are secured into the block with a set screw prior to loading into the lapping fixture. The kit includes an SBT SampleSaverTM storage container and two tier locking rack, and pin adapters for holding the 150 mounts. A pretilt EBSD specimen stage is included with three height segments. The low profile mount fits most SEM load locks and can be stored in the SampleSaverTM without removing from the pre-tilt holder.

Special Features SampleSaver™ Containers and Storage Racks  
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Included Parts EBSD-150 KIT Qty.
  EBSD-150L KIT Qty.

EBSD-150 and EBSD-150L KITS include:
Pre-tilt EBSD stage, 3 height segments, 2 mounting blocks for SEM stubs, 2 tripod SEM stubs, 150 lap fixture, SS2FIB-12 Sample Saver™ container w/2 tier rack, 2 stems for holding mounting blocks in SS Rack

Part Number Optional Accessories and Spare Parts    
01-03876-01 Pre-tilt EBSD Stage Qty.
01-03878-01 Extension, Pretilt Holder Qty.
01-03875-01 150 Specimen Mount, 90°, multi-use      Qty.
01-03874-01 Threaded Post for 90° mount to hold in Sample Saver™ container Qty.
Part Number Consumables    
0714-025 Silver Epoxy Paste   Qty.
0581-001 SEM Mounts (pkg. 10)   Qty.
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