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750 Acid Saw

The Model 750 Acid Saw is designed for damage free cutting of materials by acid or solvent action. It is used as an acid saw to cut single crystals of soft materials including copper, zinc, lead, silver and indium without introducing dislocations. It can also be used as a string saw using water or other solvents for cutting soluble crystals. Any material can be cut that is attacked or dissolved by nitric acid or any other acid or solvent that does not attack the stainless steel or PVC of which the Model 750 is constructed.
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  Model 750 Acid Saw
(Includes everything necessary to operate except nitric acid)
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750 Acid Saw Included Parts
Other solvents or acids can be used that will not attack PVC plastic or the 304 stainless steel wire. Water can be used to cut water soluble crystals.
Model # Part Number
  Cutting wire spool; 1000 ft., stainless 0.005" diameter   02-01719-01
  Sample mount clay (1 lb.)   0714-003
  Glass capillary plates (4 spares)   0705-001
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  The Model 75002 Slide Assembly can be used to hold the Model 250 Goniometer or any mounting block with an 8-32 threaded hole, such as all the mounting blocks used with the 150, 147 and 155 lapping fixtures. Model
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  Slide Assembly with 1" Micrometer Model
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250 2-axis Goniometer The Model 250 2-Axis Goniometer (all stainless steel) can be used with the Model 75002 Slide Assembly so it can be used on the Model 750 Acid Saw.  It can be mounted on either the Model 25002 - 3.625" in. h or 25005 - 4.0 in. h as shown for orientation. Model
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25005 - Track Mount Track mount (for 4 in. height) for Model 250 Goniometer Model
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25002 Track Mount Track Mount (for 3.625 in. height) for Model 250 Goniometer Model
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  Cutting wire spool; 1000 ft., stainless 0.005" diameter 02-01719-01      Qty.
  Sample mount clay (1 lb.) 0714-003        Qty.
  Glass Leveling Slide 0705-001          Qty.
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