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595 BiPod Polisher

The Model 595 BiPod Polisher™ is a variation of the well known Tripod Polisher®. The BiPod Polisher™ is designed with flats on all sides which make it more suitable for viewing under a standard upright stereo microscope and also simplifies adapting the polisher for semiautomatic SEM cross sectioning. The BiPod Polisher™ is used in the same way as the Tripod Polisher® with the exception of it having only 2 feet and those feet being controlled by precision machined screws instead of micrometers. The BiPod Polisher™ can also be mounted easily onto either the Model 910 or Model 920 Lapping and Polishing machine with the appropriate yoke for semiautomatic polishing. The BiPod Polisher™ uses the same sample mounts as the Tripod Polisher® and the polishing procedure is essentially the same. The BiPod Polisher™ is capable of being used for both SEM cross sectioning and TEM Wedge polishing.
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Model 595 BiPod Polisher
(Includes everything necessary to operate)
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Description Part Number Qty.
L Bracket for BiPod Polisher™ 01-03768-01 1
Foot for BiPod™ Polisher 01-03145-01 2
Wedge Polishing Clamp 01-03077-01 1
Pyrex Wedge Polishing Rod 01-03076-02 4
SEM Stub 02-03063-01 1
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Description Part Number Price Enter Qty.
L Bracket for BiPod™ Polisher 01-03768-01 Qty.
Foot for BiPod Polisher™ 01-03145-01 Qty.
Wedge Polishing Clamp 01-03077-01 Qty.
Pyrex Wedge Polishing Rod 01-03076-02 Qty.
SEM Stub 02-03063-01 Qty.
Pyrex Wedge Polishing Stub 01-03076-01 Qty.
Large Pyrex Insert 01-03065-01 Qty.
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