Preparation of metallographic sections requires a variety of tools and preparation steps. South Bay Technology offers equipment and supplies for the cutting, grinding, and final polishing of metallographic sections.

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Diamond Cut-Off Saws
650 - Low Speed Diamond Wheel Cut-off Saw
660 - Low Speed Diamond Wheel Cut-off Saw
875 - Diamond Loop Saw
865 - Diamond Band Saw

Polishing Stations
900 - 8" Grinder/Polisher
910 - Metallurgical Grinder/Polisher Machine
920 - 8" Automatic Lapping Machine

Sample Shaping
310 - Punch
MS508 - Unidisc Metal Punch
MS514 - Metal Shear
MS534B - Electro-Spark Erosion Machine

Mounting and Storage
930 - Pressure Pot - Cold Mount Pressurizing System
SS1 - Sample Saver - Portable Storage Container

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