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D500i Dimpler

The Model D500i DimpleR® has become an indispensable tool for TEM specimen preparation. Th dimpling technique, applicable to a myriad of material types, yields a higher quality specimen with a broader, near electron transparent area which reduces ion milling times. The Model D500i® automates the dimpling technique so that the most demanding specimens can be dimpled to 10 microns routinely and repeatably. Real time measurement of tool height, specimen thickness, and tool runout allow the user to precisely control the dimpling process. With the proper tooling and parameter adjustment, the dimpling technique with the D500i can be completed with ease.
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Model D500i    *****New Accessories        
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Alignment Microscope D500i-040   Qty.
Video Alignment Microscope D500i-050   Qty.
Specimen Vise (for X-sectional prep, includes Teflon jaws)   02-05003-01 Qty.
D500i Sample Mount Compatible with Gatan Grinder 623   01-05250-01 Qty.
MEP Centering Stand (for use with Magnetic Base)   02-05013-01 Qty.
Sapphire Flat   01-05020-01 Qty.
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