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Polishing Cloths
Polishing Cloths
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† POLISHING CLOTHS - 8" & 12" Diameter*
(Package of 10 each -  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing)
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Material Wheel Size inches Diameter inches Part Number Price Enter
Acetasilkô 8 8 PAS08A-10 38.00 Qty.
Smooth, densely woven satin finish synthetic acetate silk cloth to be used with diamond compounds, typically for rough to intermediate polishing of ceramics, metals & refractory materials. Aggressive material removal from a rigid PSA backed cloth, maintains superior edge retention & flatness.
Acetasilk™  12 12 PAS12A-10 115.00 Qty.
Billiard Cloth 8 8 PBC08A-10 68.00 Qty.
Recommended for very rough general polishing. For use with coarse grades of Sic or AL203.
Billiard Cloth 12 12 PBC12A-10 153.00 Qty.
Cotton-Med Nap 8 8 PCM08A-10 55.00 Qty.
Recommended for intermediate polishing. Commonly used with Diamond or AL203.
Cotton-Med Nap 12 12 PCM12A-10 120.00 Qty.
Synthetic Velvet 8 8 PSV08A-10 45.00 Qty.
Recommended for intermediate & final polishing. Short nap & thin fabric backing is designed to produce an excellent polishing finish with minimal relief & edge rounding.
Synthetic Velvet 12 12 PSV12A-10 100.00 Qty.
Rayon-Fine 8 8 PRF08A-10 44.00 Qty.
A finer version of our Rayon cloth especially designed for superior final polishing of metals when used with Diamond, AL203 or colloidal silica suspensions.
Rayon-Fine 12 12 PRF12A-10 101.00 Qty.
Nylon 8 8 PNY08A-10 53.00 Qty.
A long life napless cloth used for rough polishing with diamond compounds. Useful for polishing most materials while maintaining flatness.
Nylon 12 12 PNY12A-10 104.00 Qty.
Red Felt 8 8 PRE08A-10 165.00 Qty.
Recommended for rough or intermediate polishing, especially of ferrous based metals & petrographic samples, when used with aluminum Oxide. High quality cotton with a medium nap.
Red Felt 12 12 PRE12A-10 342.00 Qty.


8 8 PCNW08A-10 $62.00 Qty.
A Chemotextile for chem & chem-mechanical polishing. Promotes high cutting rates when used with Diamond compounds. Provides superior flatness & edge retention when used with Diamond compounds for mechanical rough polishing.
PolyChem Non-Woven 12 12 PCNW12A-10 $115.00 Qty.
CeriPol™ 8 8 PCP08A-10 75.00 Qty.
A medium napped polyurethane cloth on a polyester matrix. Use with Cerium Oxide for intermediate & final polishing of glass, fiber optics & ceramics.
CeriPol™ 12 12 PCP12A-10 163.00 Qty.
Wool 8 8 PWL08A-10 65.00 Qty.
A short pile wool cloth. Used for all final polishing stages.
Wool 12 12 PWL12A-10 174.00 Qty.
Rayon 8 8 PRA08A-10 48.00 Qty.
Rayon flocking bound to a woven cotton backing. Recommended for final polishing with Diamond or AL2O3.
Rayon 12 12 PRA12A-10 86.00 Qty.
Optipol lI 8 8 PNW08A-10 65.00 Qty.
Use with Diamond or Cerium Oxide for superior optical rough polishing. Also recommended for rough polishing of steel when flatness & edge & inclusion retention are a must.
MultiTex™ 8 8 PMT08A-10 191.00 Qty.
A superior fine polishing cloth for obtaining an optical quality finish. Use this cloth with Diamond paste, Cerium Oxide, AL2O3 & colloidal silica.
MultiTex™ 12 12 PMT12A-10 325.00 Qty.
* Most cloths are available in special sizes and by the yard upon request
Note: PSA=Pressure Sensitive Adhesive  

† Items marked thus are now available on the Ted Pella, Inc. website and are linked to the appropriate landing page. Please click on the marked product name / description to be redirected to the product at

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